February 24, 2012
Breaking Church News

LLU Eye Specialist Shares Knowledge via YouTube

Dr. Howard Gimbel brings experience to global classroom.

U.S. Surgeon General Lauds Adventists' Health Focus

"Health occurs where we live," Benjamin says.

Longtime Missionary Eric Monnier Dies

Leaves legacy of service on two continents.

Adventist Fund-raising Book to Guide Building Projects

Volume focuses on local church needs.

This Week's Special Features

"I Give You My Life"

Cover: The story of Wintley Phipps is a remarkable one, says Lael Caesar.

Does Colossians 2:16,17 Abolish the Sabbath?

Biblical Studies: Kim Papaioannou and Michael Mxolisi Sokupa take a fresh look at a difficult text.

Think Before You Ink

Web Exclusive: What's behind the growing sensation around tattoos? Gary Swanson explores this cultural phenomenon.

Grace for the Future

Back to Basics: Despite pitfalls such as of pride, pretense, and prestige, Hyveth Williams knows that God's grace is sufficient for us all.

Does the Devil Care?

Editorial: E. Edward Zinke invites us to try and think of God's plans for us over Satan's harassment.

In a Quandary on Quandary Peak

Cover Feature: "What's more important than reaching the summit?" Ben Herzel shares his perspective.

The Most Dangerous Prayer

Theology: "Are we willing to accept God's permissive will?" asks Willie Edward Hucks II.


Community Praise Center

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, this Seventh-day Adventist congregation has a strong focus on mission and outreach. Under the leadership of Pastor Henry Wright, the church has a vibrant worship ministry and live Internet streaming of their worship services. 

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