September 8, 2014
World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Boko Haram Targets Nigerian Churches

The extremist group is occupying churches in the northern region.

Hispanic Evangelicals Promote Minority Student Achievement

Minority students make up a majority of public school enrollment.

Ebola Strikes Another American Aid Worker

The doctor was treating pregnant women in Monrovia.

UK: Methodist Membership Plunges by a Third

The current membership is about 200,000 in the UK.


Breaking Church News

Ejler Jensen, Adventist Pioneer on Okinawa, Dead at 102

Jensen was known for serving others as a pastor and hospital administrator in Japan and Malaysia.

Online Conference to Teach Adventist How to Manage Resources

The stewardship gathering, open to all Adventists, will be held on September 19-21.

Adventist News in Brief

An El Salvador musical parade and the rescue of a baby elephant are among the four church news briefs this week.

This Week's Special Features

"In This World You Will Have Trouble"

The Life of Faith: Andy Nash reminds us that no one ever said life would be easy.

Are We Listening?

Editorial: Does good counsel go in one ear and out the other? Sandra Blackmer takes a look.

Silent Victims

August 28 Cover Feature: Celeste Ryan Blyden looks at what happens to children when their parents are incarcerated.

The Adventist Church and the Hobby Lobby Decision

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Why did the church choose to weigh in on the Hobby Lobby case? Todd McFarland, General Conference associate general counsel, shares his perspective.

Don't Be a Friendly Church

Adventist Life: Nathan Sarli wants you to leave the greetings to the greeters. You read that right, now read the rest.


Editorial: "There is more to excellence than status," says Lael Caesar.

Maranatha Mission Stories

Produced by Maranatha Volunteers International, based in Sacramento, California, this weekly 30-minute telecast features stories from around the world. Host Dick Duerksen introduces viewers to communities that have been changed, and personal testimonies from volunteers who have been touched by Maranatha.

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