September 5, 2011
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Headlines From Religion News Service

Quake-damaged National Cathedral Faces Millions in Repairs

Nothing is covered by insurance.

Turkey to Return Confiscated Property to Christians, Jews

Owners of sold property will be reimbursed.

Why are American Churches Losing the Less Educated?

Lifestyle of low-income often mitigates church attendance.

Survey: American Muslims Have Moderate Views

Many fault their leaders for not speaking out against extremists.

This Week's Special Features

Avoiding the Sinkhole Seven

Transformation Tips: Delbert Baker provides ideas for avoiding the sinkholes of life.


Editorial: Lael Caesar thinks about the differences between now and then.

The Reluctant School Teacher

Cover Feature: Stanley D. Hickerson tells us about a woman who let God use her to do amazing things.

What's to Believe About the Bible?

Heart and Soul--Biblical Studies: Clinton Wahlen takes an honest look at the topic of biblical authority.

A Resource for Preacherless Churches

Back to Basics: If your congregation needs a preacher, Hyveth Williams has some ideas.

God's Psychology

Cover Feature: Is there a role for psychology in the Christian faith? Grant Leitma explains.

Should We Be Laughing?

Web Exclusive: Why is society so interested in the apocalypse? Gary B. Swanson shares his perspective.


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