September 30, 2009
Breaking Church News

Adventist Pastor Emerges as Spokesperson in Yale Tragedy

Pastor Dennis Smith aides the Le family.

Van Hurst to Lead Indiana Conference

Mid-America Union official becomes Indiana president.

Fire Damages Bermuda Conference Community Service Center

No one was injured in the blaze.

Prophecy Seminar Slated for Maryland

Brian McMahon to hold series in Hagerstown.

World Religion News

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Dissident Lutherans Seek a New Reformation?

Controversial ELCA vote sparks a dramatic response.

South Carolina Supreme Court Rules for Breakaway Episcopal Parish

The All Saints Church seceded from the denomination in 2004.

Coalition Seeks Repeal of Federal Grant Rules

Nearly 60 groups protest current grant rules.

Huntsville Pastor to Lead National Baptists

Constituents vote for new leadership.

This Week's Special Features

7 Secrets of Healthy Churches

Author Thom Rainer researched 2,000 healthy churches and found out what they had in common. Here are the results of his survey.

AR Week of Prayer Edition 2009

The entire collection of daily readings is completely unrestricted and available to all.

What I've Learned From Facebook

It's a whole new way to communicate--if you call it communication.

Church vs. World--Who's Winning?--Drowning in a Sea of Gray

Are church standards only black or white?

Willing, but Weak

Are we living by worldly standards, or those of heaven?

The Rest of the Story

It's still in the future.

A Strange Kind of Fellowship

What did Paul mean when he wrote about sharing Christ's suffering?

Focus on Relationships

Wisdom for the relationships in your life

Worship at PMC with Dwight Nelson

Located on the Andrews University campus in Berrien Springs, Michigan, Pioneer Memorial Church is led by the pulpit ministry of Pastor Dwight Nelson, who has established a dynamic television and Internet ministry.

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