September 28, 2015
Breaking Church News

Former SSD President Alberto Gulfan Jr. Dies

Gulfan passes away after a long struggle with cancer.

Adventists Hand Out 1 Million Tracts in Philadelphia

A 10-day initiative to share GLOW booklets is filled with stories of hope and faith.

First Adventist School Opens in East Timor

The Thirteenth Sabbath Offering collected this weekend will help the school expand.

Maranatha Builds 4 Churches as Membership Surges in Dominican Republic

Volunteer builders help the Adventist Church keep up with a rapidly growing local church community.

ADRA Tackles Global Woes With 7 Days of 'Prayer for Everyone'

The Adventist agency joins the United Nations in seeking to achieve sustainable development goals.

'Run to Daddy'

Testimony: What a green mamba snake and a little girl's love for her father teach me about our heavenly Father.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Religious Leaders: Keep Faith-based Hiring Discrimination

Obama had campaigned against the policy.

Baptists ‘Not Threatened’ by Pope’s U.S. Visit

Some call the pope’s address to Congress “problematic.”

Bible Should be a Center of Anglican Conference

The meeting should heal disputes in the global communication.

US Advocates for Syrian Refugee Resettlement Find Allies

Jewish groups are now lobbying the White House.

This Week's Special Features

Almost There?

Commentary: The pope's trip to the U.S. is a "reassurance marker" that we are almost home.

Jesus Outside Scripture

The Life of Faith: The argument that Jesus of Nazareth never existed has almost no support today, says Andy Nash.

Do Adventists Have a Beef With Pope Francis?

Online Exclusive: Jared Thurmon talks about the Pope's U.S. visit and an important issue you probably didn't associate with it.

Mission: The Church And You

Engage: Ron E. M. Clouzet believes that witnessing is not something we do; it's something we are.

What I Expect, Redux

Editorial: Bill Knott writes on expectations Adventist parents have of the church's colleges and universities.

How The Great Controversy Changed My Life

Commentary: Prominent Adventists share their stories.

A Conspiracy in North America, Part 2

Commentary: José CorteĊ› Jr. offers five ways to become Jesus’ eyes, heart, hands, and feet in your community.

Life + Health Network

Based in Loma Linda, California, Life+Health Network is a 24/7 health ministry that broadcasts on the internet, Roku (, TVU Networks and iPhone and Android apps. The focus is on sharing the Adventist health message with programs on lifestyle and preventive medicine to those who are searching for answers to chronic health challenges. Started by the Adventist Medical Evangelistic Network, Life+Health Network is continuing to find new and creative ways to provide hope and healing while sharing the gospel around the world.

Let's Pray

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