September 25, 2015
Breaking Church News

More than a Historical Visit

The pope's U.S. trip is significant, but Adventists should not be driven into a prophetic effervescence.

The Pope's Buffet of Beliefs

Cafeteria Christianity is not the approach to faith that the Bible describes.

'Can You Spare Some Change?'

An Adventist pastor goes homeless for a week in Washington.

Cuba: 2 Female Pastors Make a Difference

One woman heads Cuba's largest Adventist Church, while the other leads the congregation nearest to the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay.

New Race and Religion Laws in Myanmar Draw International Attention

Adventists continue emphasis on community work amid country's legislative changes.

Unlikely Alliance of Lawmakers Calls for End to Religious Persecution

Representatives from nearly 50 countries meet at an Adventist co-sponsored conference in New York.

Adventists Praise Naming the Rome Square After Martin Luther

Church leaders call it an important moment for the Protestant world.

This Week's Special Features

Do Adventists Have a Beef With Pope Francis?

Online Exclusive: Jared Thurmon talks about the Pope's U.S. visit and an important issue you probably didn't associate with it.

Mission: The Church And You

Engage: Ron E. M. Clouzet believes that witnessing is not something we do; it's something we are.

What I Expect, Redux

Editorial: Bill Knott writes on expectations Adventist parents have of the church's colleges and universities.

How The Great Controversy Changed My Life

Commentary: Prominent Adventists share their stories.

A Conspiracy in North America, Part 2

Commentary: José CorteĊ› Jr. offers five ways to become Jesus’ eyes, heart, hands, and feet in your community.

Shawn Boonstra: Lessons From Ashley Madison

News commentary: Imagine finding Christ's name in the Ashley Madison data dump.

Time and Eternity

Cliff's Edge: Eternity is more than lots of time, says Clifford Goldstein.

Life + Health Network

Based in Loma Linda, California, Life+Health Network is a 24/7 health ministry that broadcasts on the internet, Roku (, TVU Networks and iPhone and Android apps. The focus is on sharing the Adventist health message with programs on lifestyle and preventive medicine to those who are searching for answers to chronic health challenges. Started by the Adventist Medical Evangelistic Network, Life+Health Network is continuing to find new and creative ways to provide hope and healing while sharing the gospel around the world.

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