September 24, 2012
Called Together

The "Called Together" banner for the articles appearing in issues of the Adventist Review is based on a Mobius band, created by giving a strip of paper a one-half turn and connecting the ends. The resulting continuous loop illustrates our essential connections to each other, even though we sometimes find ourselves on different sides of an issue -- Editors.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

U.S Coptic Christian Leaders Blast Anti-Muslim Film

There are about 300,000 Copts in the U.S.

Parents Challenge Sexuality Teaching in Ontario Schools

Conservative Christian and Muslim parents voice concerns.

Survey: Americans Overstate Size of Religious Minorities

Researchers polled 747 U.S. adults.

What You Should Know About the Jewish New Year

The holiday ushers in the Jewish "High Holy Days."

Breaking Church News

New Book: Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Church

First major title from an Adventist publishing house on the topic.

GC Launches Theology of Ordination Study Committee

Report expected in 2014; stems from request at 2010 GC Session.

ESD Holds First Youth Congress

More than 2,000 converge in Kiev, Ukraine.

Adventist Pastors Convene in Slovenia

Twelve hundred attend gathering.

NSD Adventists Hold First Pathfinder Camporee

Adventist youth gather in Seoul.

This Week's Special Features

Hell and Mr. Fudge

Cover Feature: This film has a great story to tell, says Jill Schwirzer.

Standing Together

Heart and Soul Theology: Lael Caesar offers thoughts on how to be many, yet one.

Healing Old Wounds

Adventist Life: A new perspective on healing past hurts is shared by Carol Sherman Cannon.

Getting Nowhere Fast

Editorial: "We could reminisce about the 'good old days' of theological unity, and try to establish an Amish version of Adventism," says Gerald Klingbeil.

The Fundamentalist

Cliff's Edge: Cliff Goldstein on Alex Rosenburg's scientific leaps and bounds, and what that all means for believers.

Ordination Issues--Our Readers Respond

In this special edition of Inbox, the letters represent a sampling of opinion and thought from a variety of readers who took the time to write regarding our coverage of recent meetings about ordination. As always, we welcome your responses.--Editors.

Holy Disagreements

Editorial: Bill Knott calls us together during times when discord threatens to pull us apart.

A Theology of Hazing

September 13 Cover Feature: Lael Caesar asserts that the best understanding of hazing is born of the clearest insight into human nature.

The Deep Limitations of the Digital Church

Web Exclusive: Does digital worship suffice in a flesh-and-blood world? Ask Albert Mohler.


More Features

Ministry in Motion 

 A joint production of the General Conference Ministerial Association and Hope Channel, Ministry in Motion is a weekly podcast and television program exploring the best practices for your ministry. Join hosts Anthony Kent and Derek Morris as they talk with special guests about various aspects of ministry.

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