September 23, 2009
Breaking Church News

Fire Damages Bermuda Conference Community Service Center

No one was injured in the blaze.

Vietnamese MBA Students Graduate From Griggs University

Twenty-eight students receive degrees.

South Central Conference Elects New President

Conference executive committee elects Dana Edmond.

Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay Churches Move Toward Self Governance

New proposal would add two unions of churches.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

White House Advisor Has Low Expectations For Faith-based Office

Former Baptist leader expresses deep frustrations.

Number of Female Senior Pastors Doubles in 10 Years

Ten percent of U.S. churches now employ a woman as senior pastor.

Poll Finds More Positive Views of U.S. Muslims

Many concede that Muslims are subject to discrimination.

Judge: Homeless Shelter Exempt From Discrimination Laws

Statutes do not apply to Idaho facility.

AR Week of Prayer Edition 2009

For this special issue, all articles are free and available to all.

Message From the President

Welcome to the Review's annual Week of Prayer edition

Heavenly Mission of Hope

Christ's mission is our mission.

Universal Mission of Hope

How Revelation 14:6 defines our mission

Urgency of the Mission of Hope

Why the day of judgment is good news

Mission of Hope as Worship

The who, how, and when of worship

Mission of Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness

We are called to challenge the value system of the world.

Accepting the Mission of Hope

True worship leads to pure hearts, clean hands.

Mission of Hope as Revelation of God's Character

Where's the good news in a message of fury and torment?

Mission of Hope Accomplished

We are homeward bound.

Mission Possible--Children's Readings

Jesus is the fulfillment of our hope.

Readers Respond

Find out what your fellow AR readers are saying.

Praise With Community Praise Center

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, this Seventh-day Adventist congregation has a strong focus on mission and outreach. Under the leadership of Pastor Henry Wright, the church has a vibrant, festive worship ministry. Click above to tune in!

This Week's Special Features

What I've Learned From Facebook

It's a whole new way to communicate--if you call it communication.

Church vs. World--Who's Winning? and Drowning in a Sea of Gray

Are church standards only black or white?

Willing, but Weak

Are we living by worldly standards, or those of heaven?

The Rest of the Story

It's still in the future.

A Strange Kind of Fellowship

What did Paul mean when he wrote about sharing Christ's suffering?

Remembering E.E. Cleveland

A tribute to an amazing warrior for God.

Focus on Relationships

Wisdom for the relationships in your life.



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