September 18, 2009
Breaking Church News

South Central Conference Elects New President

Dana C. Edmond Replaces retired president Benny Brown

Lightning Severly Damages Texas Radio Station

Fire takes KJCR of the air for 26 hours.

Returning Student Missionaries Experience "Reverse Culture Shock"

Most see new perspectives after a year; but the supermarket irks.

Popular ADRA Refugee Experience Hosts Thousands

Exhibit was among most popular at Pathfinder Camporee.


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This Week's Special Features

What I've Learned From Facebook

It's a whole new way to communicate--if you call it communication

 Church vs. World—Who’s Winning? – Drowning in a Sea of Gray

Are church standards only black or white?

Willing, but Weak

Are we living by worldly standards, or those of heaven?

The Rest of the Story

It's still future. 

A Strange Kind of Fellowship

What did Paul mean when he wrote about sharing in Christ's suffering? 

Remembering E.E. Cleveland

A tribute to an amazing warrior for God

Focus on Relationships

Wisdom for the relationships in your life.

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