September 14, 2015
Breaking Church News

Adventist Midwife, 109, Cuts Cake as Malawi Hospital Turns 100

Malamulo Hospital celebrates its 100th anniversary with an inspiring trip down memory lane.

Evangelist’s Plane Was Bouncing Before Crash, Investigators Say

A preliminary crash report provides new details about the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident.

64-Year-Old Adventist Finishes World’s 6 Top Marathons

Gary Rittenbach of Walla Walla University only started running when he was 54.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Thousands of Syrian Refugees Stranded in Budapest

More than 100,000 persons were displaced from Syria.

North Korea Pressured on Human Rights

Southern Baptists adopt a resolution on religious persecution.

Israeli Christian Schools Strike to Protest Funding Cuts

Protesters attribute the cuts to religious discrimination.

This Week's Special Features

What I Expect, Redux

Editorial: Bill Knott writes on expectations Adventist parents have of the church's colleges and universities.

How The Great Controversy Changed My Life

Commentary: Prominent Adventists share their stories.

A Conspiracy in North America, Part 2

Commentary: José cortes Jr. offers five ways to become Jesus’ eyes, heart, hands, and feet in your community.

Shawn Boonstra: Lessons From Ashley Madison

News commentary: Imagine finding Christ's name in the Ashley Madison data dump.

Time and Eternity

Cliff's Edge: Eternity is more than lots of time, says Clifford Goldstein.

‚Äč“Who Paid My Ransom?”

Discover: David Caukill reminds us that slavery hasn't gone away.

 The Mask

Journeys With Jesus: Jill Morikone asks, "How does Jesus look at you?"

Sligo Church

Based on the outskirts of Washington D.C., in Takoma Park, Maryland, the Sligo congregation has a vibrant community program and variety of ministries. Under the leadership of Pastor Charles Tapp, the congregation offers a vibrant worship service.

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