September 12, 2012
Called Together

The "Called Together" banner for the articles appearing in issues of the Adventist Review is based on a Mobius band, created by giving a strip of paper a one-half turn and connecting the ends. The resulting continuous loop illustrates our essential connections to each other, even though we sometimes find ourselves on different sides of an issue -- Editors.

Breaking Church News

Adventist Olympian Testifies to Faith in God

Kenyan Abel Kirui took silver in marathon competition in London games.

Papua New Guinea: Thousands Baptized in a Single Day

Papua New Guinea campaign draws crowds in excess of 100,000.

Adventist Risk Management's Anti-abuse Message Now a Global Movement

The Seven Campaign was launched to prevent bullying.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Muslim Leaders Back Pakistani Christian Girl

Rimsha Masih was accused of blasphemy.

Seven Years After Katrina, New Orleans Jews
Have Found a Permanent Home

Congregation Beth Israel has 100 families.

Lawyer for Pope's Accused Butler Quits

A replacement is yet to be announced.

Homeless Christians Give $69 for Missions

The offering is a way the homeless give back.

September 13, 2012 Adventist Review

A Theology of Hazing

Cover Feature: Lael Caesar asserts that the best understanding of hazing is born of the clearest insight into human nature.

Holy Disagreements

Editorial: Bill Knott calls us together during times when discord threatens to pull us apart.

Writing Our History Together

Guest Editorial: The answers are not readily visible, but we can search for them together, says Heather Knight.

Ordination Issues  -- Our Readers Respond

In this special edition of Inbox, the letters represent a sampling of opinion
and thought from a variety of readers who took the time to write regarding
our coverage of recent meetings about ordination. As always, we welcome your responses.--Editors.

Can Humans Know the Future?

Heart and Soul Theology: Ranko Stefanovic wants to know if humans can see into the future but more importantly, would that be any good to anyone?

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This Week's Special Features

The Deep Limitations of the Digital Church

Web Exclusive: Does digital worship suffice in a flesh-and-blood world? Ask Albert Mohler.

A Suit and Tie Fit for a Canadian Minister

Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney's latest installment from Russia.

Biblical Spirituality, Part 2

Feature: Mark A. Finley on rediscovering our biblical roots.

Ultimate Reality

Editorial: Mark A. Kellner looks at reality, and the lack thereof, on reality television; and points us to something better.

The View From Here

August 23 Cover Feature: KidsView has been around for 10 years. Wilona Karimabadi and Kimberly Luste Maran tell us why this magazine matters.

God's Surprises

Editorial: God is a God of surprises, says Mark Finley.

He Spoke and It Was 

August 16 Cover Story: Gerald Klingbeil reminds us that when God speaks, things happen.

Whatever Happened to the Lost?

August 9 Cover Story: Shawn Boonstra raises some disturbing questions. 


More Features

Ministry in Motion 

 A joint production of the General Conference Ministerial Association and Hope Channel, Ministry in Motion is a weekly podcast and television program exploring the best practices for your ministry. Join hosts Anthony Kent and Derek Morris as they talk with special guests about various aspects of ministry.

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