September 12, 2011
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Czech Government to Return Seized Churches

Property was confiscated during communist regimes.

Catholics Pitch in to Repair National Cathedral

Washington Archdiocese donates $25,000.

Muslim Lawmakers Appeal for Israeli Soldier's Release

Gilad Shalit was captured in a cross-border raid.

Poll: Americans Tolerant of Other Faiths--Except Islam

Islamic and American values divide public.

This Week's Special Features

The Best and Brightest

Editorial: Kimberly Luste-Maran shares her perspective on true education.

Silent Service

Searching the Obvious: Is it really true that actions speak louder than words? Ask Dixil Rodríguez.

German Trip Connects Adventist Leaders, Laity, Pastors in Revival Focus

Web Exclusive: Ted Wilson leads meetings, retraces footsteps of Protestant Reformer Martin Luther.

Ten Years After the Sky Fell

Cover Feature: Shawn Boonstra reflects on the lasting impact of 9/11.

He Leads the Praise

Biblical Studies: Does the Old Testament offer lessons on praising God in dire circumstances? Lael Caesar explains.

What's to Believe About the Bible?

Heart and Soul--Biblical Studies: Clinton Wahlen takes a candid look at the topic of biblical authority.

The Reluctant School Teacher

Cover Feature: Stanley D. Hickerson tells us about a woman who let God use her to do amazing things.

Should We Be Laughing?

Web Exclusive: Why is society so interested in the apocalypse? Gary B. Swanson shares his perspective.


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