October 7, 2009
Breaking Church News

2 ADRA Workers Kidnapped, 1 Killed

Gunmen attack civilian convoy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

First Adventist College in North Brazil Opens

Rapid growth makes school an imperative.

U.S. Adventists Slow to Adopt Technology

Conference shows benefits for church outreach.

Reject Defamation of Religions Laws, Advise Experts

They warn that hate speech laws could be enforced unequally.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Archbishop Says No Funerals for Pro-Abortion Politicians

Raymond Burke heads the Vatican's supreme court.

Study: One in 5 Americans May be Secular by 2030

The non-religious population is increasing.

Lutheran Conservatives Delay Decision to Leave ELCA

A group of conservative members have established a free-standing synod.

Dalai Lama, Tutu Awarded First Forgiveness Prizes

The prizes were awarded by Fetzer Institute.

October 8, 2009 Adventist Review

Beyond the Tears

What happens after life's crushing tragedies?

Out of the Darkness

How to keep going in spite of our heartaches.


A chance to reboot and replay.

Walk With Me

Here's a call to walk with someone who loves the Lord but may not love your ways of following Him.

Grace and Judgement in Genesis 3

The foundation of our present truth has to be grace.

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This Week's Special Features

The Allure of Modesty

What does real sex-appeal look like?

7 Secrets of Healthy Churches

Author Thom Rainer researched 2,000 healthy churches and found out what they had in common. Here are the results of his survey.

AR Week of Prayer Edition 2009

The entire collection of daily readings is completely unrestricted and available to all.

What I've Learned From Facebook

It's a whole new way to communicate--if you call it communication.

Church vs. World--Who's Winning?--Drowning in a Sea of Gray

Are church standards only black or white?

Willing, but Weak

Are we living by worldly standards, or those of heaven?

Checked Out It is Written Lately?

This weekly half-hour telecast communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ in nine languages to 130 countries. Based at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, the program is hosted by Pastor Shawn Boonstra.


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