October 31, 2011
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Changing Tax Code May Harm Churches

One study estimates a potential $6 billion drop in charitable giving.

Vatican Calls for a Global Bank to Regulate Financial Industry

Proposal also calls for a global tax.

Democrats Tap D.C. Pastor to Lead Party's Faith Outreach

Derrick Harkins is a National Association of Evanglicals board member.

Pope Appoints New Ambassador to U.S.

Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano takes the reigns.


Breaking Church News

Adventists Number 1.13 Million in North America

Year-end meeting encouraged to instill values that make young people want to stay.
For more news from the 2011 NAD Year-end Meetings, click here.

This Week's Special Features

Put Down the Remote and Nobody Gets Hurt

Media and Obesity: What about the link between media and obesity?

Talking About Social Media

Social Media: Jean Boonstra offers suggestions about what parents can do to guide their kids through the maze of modern social media.

Electronic Awesome

Editorial: Lael Caesar looks at electronic advancements in light of our relationship with God.

Living With Disappointment

Editorial: When things get ugly, we have to do better than just be disappointed, says Stephen Chavez.

"We Lepers"

Cover Feature: Shawn Brace talks about appreciating our great High Priest.

Special Video Message

Web Exclusive: Do you worship a relentless God? Shawn Brace shares his answer.  


La Voz de La Esperanza

Based at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, La Voz de La Esparanza has been broadcasting messages of grace, hope, and salvation in Jesus Christ since 1942. Targeting those who speak and understand Spanish, the broadcasts are transmitted from more than 1,000 radio stations in 35 countries. Under the leadership of Frank Gonzalez, the ministry also produces "Descubra," a series of evangelistic TV progams that air in 216 markets in the U.S. and on several satellite systems that broadcast the program around the world.

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