October 27, 2010
Breaking Church News

Breaking Church News

In Zimbabwe, Adventist University Has Food Again

ADRA offices in Europe funded operation following Zimbabwe's food shortage.

Edson Farm Visitor Center Dedicated

The Clifton Springs, N.Y., farm was "theological birthplace" of Adventism, leaders say.

Adventists Participate in United Bible Societies' World Assembly

Pastors lead Bible groups in Norway, Mauritius, Latvia, and Lesotho.

Murdered Adventist Reporter Was Running For Public Office

Church appeals to government for safety of journalists.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Some Religious Charities Receive More Despite Overall Drop

Several of the largest religious charities saw increased giving.

Military Suicides on the Rise

More than 1,000 troops have killed themselves in the past five years.

Crystal Cathedral Files for Chapter 11

Church owes creditors $7.5 million.

Study: Faith May Help African American Women Keep Fit

The participants included Seventh-day Adventist women.

October 28, 2010 Adventist Review

The Devil Doesn't Play Games

How a young woman during World War II came face-to-face with evil and lived to warn others.

Forgiving Father, Repentant Son, Angry Brother

A new take on an old story.

Vibrant Life

The Adventist magazine dedicated to good health celebrates its 125th birthday.

Summ(it)ing It Up

To look back and see what God has wrought...

No Fear

We are, by God's grace, His royal children. What do we have to fear?

Readers Respond

What are fellow AR readers saying?

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This Week's Special Features

Paul the Octopus

If we tie theology to science, what happens?

Our Biggest NAD Crisis Isn't Theological--It's Relational

Can we improve our churches through relationships?

Our Time Together

Roy Adams, in his last editorial for Adventist Review, says goodbye.

Term Limits

How long should top leaders be allowed to stay? Or does it matter?

Grace, Free Will, and Judgment

A look back helps us understand what we believe about salvation.

Why Aren't 'Emerging Adults' Emerging as Adults?"

A commentary by Albert Mohler.

Selling Ourselves Out

What do truly wise consumers know?

2010 Week of Prayer Readings

This year's theme is "People of  Hope." In support of the Week of Prayer, the Adventist Review is giving unrestricted access for this special issue until December 1. We've provided all the readings for the week, including the children's stories. We trust that this material will be a blessing for you.


Good News from It Is Written

This weekly half-hour telecast communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ in nine languages and 130 countries. Based at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, the program is hosted by Pastor Shawn Boonstra.

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