October 26, 2012
Breaking Church News

Former GC Publishing Director Bruce Wickwire Dies

He also served in East Asia and Europe.

Adventist Pastor Jailed in Togo

GC delegation seeks Monteiro's freedom.

ADRA Provides Maternal Care Training in China

Birth complications, infant deaths decline.

GC President's First Book Arrives in Stores

Almost Home aims to inspire Adventists, raise funds for mission to cities.

Church Leaders Respond to Union Actions on Ministerial Ordination

Measure follows three hours of respectful discussion.

This Week's Special Features

Diversity in Five-Part Harmony

October 25 Cover Feature: On October 31 Adventist leaders from North America will gather for a diversity summit. The theme of the event is "Crossing Divides: Transcending Our Differences Through Jesus." In anticipation of this meeting the Adventist Review asked five authors to write about aspects of this topic they hope to see addressed at the meeting.

Together Perfect

Heart and Soul Theology: Deleise Cole-Wilson reminds us of how valued we are in God's eyes.

When the Prophet Is Silent

Feature: In using the writings of Ellen G. White, we must be careful, says Tim Poirier.

Holy Conversations

Editorial: Bill Knott reminds us of the importance of being called together.

Death in the Family

Cliff's Edge: Cliff Goldstein shares a personal tragedy and reminds us of the nature of the God we love.

Listening to the Spirit

Adventist Life: It is the Holy Spirit who dynamically drives the church forward, suggests Cedric Vine.

Election 2012

Web Exclusives: During this election season the Adventist Review presents two articles on biblical principles for exercising our citizenship. Ryan Bell shares "Loving Your Neighbor at the Ballot Box," and S. Joseph Kidder authors "Voting Wisely."


More Features


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