October 19, 2015
Exciting Opportunities

Adventist Community Services provides you with opportunities to serve communities in Christ’s name. ACS volunteers provide support and assistance in disaster relief, elder care, crisis care, urban ministries, youth and young adult engagement, tutoring, and mentoring. Your financial gifts to the Adventist Community Services offering on December 12 will make it possible to continue touching one heart and transforming communities.

Breaking Church News

Adventists Under Fire for Sabbath as Religious Freedom Shrinks Worldwide

A new Adventist Church survey of more than 220 countries finds cause for concern.

ADRA Responds as Typhoon Koppu Batters Philippines

The slow-moving storm is expected to last another few days.

8 Lessons From My Ambassadorship to Malta

Lesson No. 2: Chelsea Clinton interrupted my dinner with the president. You can interrupt God anytime.

GC’s First Hispanic Executive Officer Honored in a Bid to Win Souls

A Virginia church celebrates Juan Prestol-Puesán's election on Hispanic Heritage Sabbath.

Ellen White Takes Spotlight at Major Conference at Andrews University

The four-day Gift of Prophecy Symposium considers the relevancy of prophecy today.

Unprecedented Summit to Address Challenges of Adventist Education

The three-day gathering will encourage attendees to more closely embrace the value of the unique approaches of Adventist education.

A Modern-Day Samuel in Brazil — and Then Britain

Testimony: I was her miracle child, she called me Samuel, and this is my story.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Fate of Abortion Clinics Awaits Supreme Court

The high court has not issued an opinion on abortion since 2007.

Hundreds March for Mississippi Flag Change

Could a new flag unify Mississippians?

US, Canadian Churches to Sign Mutual Recognition Pact

The churches will recognize each others members, ministers, and sacraments.

Ohio Congregation Tips Domino’s Driver More than $1,000

The pastor had just finished a series on generosity.

This Week's Special Features

Adventist Education Can Learn a Lesson From Sabbath School

Commentary: Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, the Adventist church's education director, is concerned about high tuition costs and the ratios of Adventist students and teachers.

The 2015 Week of Prayer Readings

This year's theme is "Living in Anticipation: Revival and the Second Coming." The entire issue is free and open to the public.

The Ruth Factor: Faithful Action, Fortuitous Outcome

Transformation Tips: Delbert W. Baker reminds us that every act done diligently and faithfully has signicant, lasting value.

Hit to VW Stock Price Linked with Cheating

Commentary: It's hard to miss in the Bible straight-forward declarations regarding cheating that are mentioned more than once, says Michael Cafferky

Invisible Fences

Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil talks about what happens when we set up barriers.

How to Keep Young People Like Me in Church

Commentary: Millennials need to be moved from being spectators to participants.

It Is Written

The weekly half-hour telecast that communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ in nine languages and 130 countries. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the program is hosted by Pastor John Bradshaw.

Aldergrove Church

The Aldergrove Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. Under the leadership of Pastor David Jamieson, the church has several innovative ministries, including an aggressive Internet ministry.

Let's Pray

The Adventist Review staff meets each Wednesday morning at 8:15 for worship and prayer. We'd love to include your prayer requests, so send them to prayer@adventistreview.org. Let's share in each others' lives.

AR Video Report

For 166 years the Adventist Review has inspired believers to deepen their relationship with God. Today we’re more vigorous than ever. We’re growing, changing, adapting to the times. Watch this video and you’ll be inspired too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjJWKcQjjVQ

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