October 19, 2009
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Supreme Court Weighs Fate of Mojave Cross

Justices delved into questions about national memorials with religious symbols.

Religious Groups Praise Obama's Nobel Prize

Though the pick angered conservative groups

Schwarzenegger Angers Sikhs by Vetoing Kirpan Bill

Ceremonial daggers are considered central articles of faith for Sikhs.

India Rejects Albania's Request for Mother Teresa's Remains

Though a Macedonia-born ethnic Albanian, she was an Indian citizen.

This Week's Special Features

Are We Killing Adventist Education?

An excerpt from a recently released book

Where Have All the Grown-ups Gone?

Young adults are growing older, but are they growing spiritually?

The Allure of Modesty

What does real sex appeal look like?

Singing Our Songs

Our readers respond.

Beyond the Tears

What happens after life's crushing tragedies?

Out of the Darkness

How to keep going in spite of our heartaches

7 Secrets of Healthy Churches

Author Thom Rainer researched 2,000 healthy churches and found out what they had in common. Here are the results of his survey.

AR Week of Prayer Edition 2009

The entire collection of daily readings is completely unrestricted and available to all.


It’s Time for Your Quiet Hour

Based in Redlands, California, The Quiet Hour is a multifaceted international ministry that launches outreach initiatives all over the world. Started in 1937 as a radio ministry, this ministry is now active in radio, television, and public evangelism. Windows of Hope is the Quiet Hour's television program.



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