October 15, 2010
2010 Annual Council Special Report

Stable Tithe, Offerings Notable as Adventist Church
Withstands Economic Downturn

$104.5 million 2011 budget an expression of members' faith, undertreasurer says.

Griggs Could Move to Andrews Following Oversight Transfer

Move, merger subject to Andrews board approval

Stele Named Director-elect of the Biblical Research Institute

Two other directors retained at the first Annual Council Nominating Committee report.

Secretary: Now 16.6 Million Members,
But Challenging Regions Loom Large

What membership audits reveal about growth areas, is mission appeal 2008 déjà vu?

Kneeling, Annual Council Members Approve Revival, Reformation Call

Seventh-day Adventists urged to pray for "Latter Rain" power to finish work.

Focus on Revival-driven Outreach Opens Business of Annual Council

Spiritual renewal motivation for mission, leaders say.

Wilson Exhorts Seventh-day Adventists: "Remember Your Name"

Focus on revival, reformation and proclamation, GC President says.

More Church News

Out of Ashes: New Adventist Radio Station Rises

Southwestern Adventist University to debut new format, reach Dallas-Forth Worth area

Allegheny East Conference Opens New Office Building

The structure holds 40 offices, an auditorium, and exercise facilities.

This Week's Special Features

Our Time Together

Roy Adams, in his last editorial for the Adventist Review, says goodbye.

Why Aren't 'Emerging Adults' Emerging as Adults?"

A commentary by Albert Mohler.

Our Biggest NAD Crisis Isn't Theological--It's Relational

Can we improve our churches through relationships?

Selling Ourselves Out

What do truly wise consumers know?

2010 Week of Prayer Readings

This year's theme is "People of  Hope." In support of the Week of Prayer, the Adventist Review is giving unrestricted access for this special issue until December 1. We've provided all the readings for the week, including the children's stories. We trust that this material will be a blessing for you.

The Devil's Cheerleaders

Are gossipers doing the devil's work?

Tithing: What's In It for Me?

What is the relationship between stewardship and discipleship?


Good News from It Is Written

A weekly half-hour telecast that communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ in nine languages and 130 countries. Based at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, the program is hosted by Pastor Shawn Boonstra.

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