October 11, 2013
Remember Adventist Community Service

Adventist Community Services provides you with opportunities to serve communities in Christ’s name. ACS volunteers provide support and assistance in disaster relief ministries, in elder care, crisis care, community development (inner city/urban), tutoring and mentoring, and ACS promotes youth engagement with Youth Empowered to Serve. Your financial gifts to the Adventist Community Services Offering, December 7, make it possible for ACS to continue impacting and transforming communities -- one life at a time.

Breaking Church News

La Sierra U. Gets 3-Year Adventist Accrediting Association Renewal

AAA also approve Chilean Adventist University's dental school, notes changes at Atlantic Union College.

Pacific Press Asks to End ABC Contracts

Conferences will resume ownership; online options available.

What Happened in 1888?

A special anniversary issue of the Adventist Review examines the issues and personalities that made "Righteousness by Faith" one of the most important concepts of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. You'll find loads of content onine.

Citizenship Test

Editorial: Bill Knott on why we need to declare ourselves members of the peaceable kingdom.

What Happened in 1888?

Heart and Soul Theology: George Knight's historical account of a very historic event.

E. J. Waggoner: The Man and His Legacy

1888 Cover Feature Bio: Woodrow Whidden examinies the life of E. J. Waggoner

A. T. Jones

1888 Cover Feature Bio: Merlin Burt on the life of A. T. Jones

The Faith of Jesus

Heart and Soul Theology: Merlin Burt examines the doctrinal legacy of 1888.

The Theological Issues: Another Perspective 

Heart and Soul Theology: Bill and Shawn Brace on Jones' and Waggoner's "most precious message."

Ellen White's Burden

It was more than a matter of who was right.

Sabbath Afternoon Talk

1888 Spirit of Prophecy: Ellen G. White writes on confession and God's grace.

Theology of the Last Generation

1888 Snapshot: Why hasn't Christ returned yet? Ask Angel Rodríguez.

The Nature of Christ

1888 Snapshot: Alberto Timm shres a quick look at Christology in the Adventist Church.

Universal Legal Justification

1888 Snapshot: Do Seventh-day Adventists have difficulties with universal legal justification? Stephen Bauer explains.

The Prevailing Interest

1888 Testimony: Studying the "1888 message" was a life-changing experience, says Kelly Veileux.

The Genius of Disunity

Reflections: Lael Caesar shares a commentary on the destructive power of disunity.

Click here for more articles from this 48-page special issue.

More Features

KROH 91.1 FM

Serving northwest Washington, Radio of Hope--Nine One One, is owned and operated by the Port Townsend Seventh-day Adventist Church. Operating from the Olympic Peninsula, KROH FM is a new, listener-supported station broadcasting 24 hours a day at 91.1 FM and via the Internet. Safe for every member of the family, Radio of Hope--Nine One One features traditional Christian music and programs focusing on "Christ our Righteousness."

Let's Pray

The Adventist Review staff meets each Wednesday morning at 8:15 for worship and prayer. We'd love to include your prayer requests, so send them to prayer@adventistreview.org. Let's share in each other's lives.

AR Video Report

For 164 years the Adventist Review has inspired believers to deepen their relationship with God. And today we’re more vigorous than ever. We’re growing, changing, adapting to the times. Watch this video and you’ll be inspired too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjJWKcQjjVQ

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