November 6, 2009
Making Church User-friendly

Among the hallmarks of successful churches is the ability to make visitors feel at home,creatively engage young families, and reconnect with inactive members. As the service to our readers, the Adventist Review offers several articles from our archives that help make churches user-friendly. 

 Cutting the Cringe Factor

Are our worship services "visitor friendly"?

Creating a Family-friendly Church

If their church doesn't love kids, how will they know Jesus does?

Where are the Young Familes?

Four suggestion for filling those empty pews.

Giving Church a Friendly Feel

Helpful hints to make your church warm and inviting

7 Secrets of Heathy Churches

Does your church fit the bill?

Click here for more articles on this topic.

This Week's Special Features

The Case For (Early) Marriage

Albert Mohler shares his perspective on another sensitive topic.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our physicians offer salient advice on this provocative subject.

Just 144,000? 

Is this number literal or symbolic? Untangling the secret behind the mysterious number.

Celebrate Creation

The Adventist Review has provided a collection of articles from our archives that support the biblical doctrine of creation.

Drive-thru Christianity

When a person is dying, can we bring them back to life?

Are We Killing Adventist Education?

An excerpt from a recently released book

Where Have All the Grown-ups Gone?

Young adults are growing older, but are they growing spiritually?

The Allure of Modesty

What does real sex appeal look like?

7 Secrets of Healthy Churches

Author Thom Rainer researched 2,000 healthy churches and found out what they had in common. Here are the results of his survey.


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