November 5, 2010
Breaking Church News

Breaking Church News

Oakwood Board Elects New President

LLU vice president Leslie Pollard replaces Delbert Baker.

Montana Conference Elects New President

Merlin Knowles replaces John Loor Jr.

Roy Adams Honored by Society of Adventist Communicators

The AR associate editor received SAC's Lifetime Achievement Award.

In Zimbabwe, Adventist University Has Food Again

ADRA offices in Europe funded operation following Zimbabwe's food shortage.

Coming next week -- a special report from the North American Division Year-end Meetings.

This Week's Special Features

The Devil Doesn't Play Games

How a young woman during World War II came face-to-face with evil and lived to warn others.

The Babylonian Temptation

Making a name for ourselves.

Paul the Octopus

If we tie theology to science, what happens?

Term Limits

How long should top leaders be allowed to stay? Or does it matter?

Grace, Free Will, and Judgment

A look back helps us understand what we believe about salvation.

Why Aren't 'Emerging Adults' Emerging as Adults?"

A commentary by Albert Mohler.

2010 Week of Prayer Readings

This year's theme is "People of  Hope." In support of the Week of Prayer, the Adventist Review is giving unrestricted access for this special issue until December 1. We've provided all the readings for the week, including the children's stories. We trust that this material will be a blessing for you.


Praise 90.1--From Oakwood University

Broadcasting throughout the Tennessee Valley for 25 years, Praise 90.1 (WOCG FM) is owned and operated by Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. The noncommercial format includes brief educational and spiritually uplifting programs along with a unique music format called Inspirational Soul.

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