November 27, 2013
Great News From Andrews University School of Health Professions

Andrews University offers the only online MPH in nutrition and wellness in the United States. And for a limited time, tuition is half off. The program prepares health professionals to serve their churches and communities by promoting healthy lifestyles through personal and community efforts. For more information, visit or contact Fiona Lewis (

Breaking Church News

Adventist Doss Honored on Back of U.S. Stamp Issue

Panes Note World War II Medal of Honor Recipients

Adventist Church Implements Assessment Plan for Urban Mission

Call for ramping up outreach in cities with population of 1 million.

Adventist Illustrator Vernon Paul Nye, 97, Watercolorist, Mentor, and Teacher

Longtime artist sought to capture viewer's interest, shared talent globally.

World Religion News

Evangelicals Press White House for Immigration Reform

Church leaders ask Obama to work with Republicans.

Federal Judge: Clergy Tax-Free Housing Allowance Unconstitutional

Same jurist issued 2010 ruling against National Day of Prayer, which was overturned.

Liberty University Student Dies in Campus Shooting

Joshua Hathaway was 19 years old.

C. S. Lewis More Popular 50 Years After His Death Than He Was in Life

Many regard Lewis as the 20th century's most influential Christian intellectual.

Report:  England’s Orthodox Jewish Birthrates Soar

The report confirms similar finds in the U.S.

November 28, 2013 Adventist Review

Cartography of Faith

We're all pilgrims.

A Time to Rejoice

What is life without thanksgiving?

Words and Truth

Scott Moncrieff interviews Marilyn McEntyre about the link between literature and the Bible.

Giving Thanks

What and whom are you grateful for? Will you let them know?

A Formula for Resisting Revenge

Bad things happen. But how we respond is entirely of our choosing.

Flee the Comfort Zone with Mike Tyson and Me

The ultimate comfort zone is where Jesus is King.

This Week's Special Features

"This Gospel"

Cliff's Edge: You can trust Scripture, over and over again, says Clifford Goldstein.

Married, but Alone on the Sabbath

Adventist Life: A day of worship--for her but not for him.

Racism and Health in North America

Web Exclusive: A video interview with Dr. David Williams.

Go Ask Erica

Editorial: Are new believers worth it? Adventist Review editor Bill Knott suggests you ask Erica.

From Clicktivist to Activist

November 21 Cover Feature: Janelle Collins reminds us that today's youth aren't sitting on the sidelines.

A Story of Reconciliation at the Hospital Named for Ellen White

Web Exclusive: DeLona Bell writes about a former gang member who now works to help others find a path to a better life.

An Urgent Prophetic Calling

Web Exclusive: A video message from the General Conference president. 

Reach the World Next Door

November 14 Cover Story: Scott Griswold, a mission specialist, suggests ways of sharing the gospel with the non-Christians who live in our neighborhoods.


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