November 23, 2011
Breaking Church News

George Atiga Passes to His Rest

He served the Adventist Church for more than 60 years.  

Trans-European Division Votes 'Women in Leadership' Motion

The November 14 vote took place at TED's year-end meetings in Montenegro.

LLU Aids 'Orphaned' Puerto Rico Students

Medical school has tradition of helping stranded scholars.

Church Leaders Call for More Transparency, Accountability

Document encourages a new culture of leadership.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Senate Panel Votes to Repeal Marriage Law

The vote signals gains for same-sex marriage supporters.

Study: Religious Services Make Some Women Happier

Nearly 100,000 women participated in the research.

Nurses Say They Were Forced to Assist in Abortions

A federal judge has issued a restraining order. 

Nigeria: Christian Churches Under Attack

U.S. embassy in Nigeria warns American travelers.

November 24, 2011, Adventist Review

Good Stewards of Planet Earth

Cover Feature: In a world of want and excess, where do Christians fit in? Joseph Bon Sesay shares his perspective.

Chosen to Be Loved

His Hands and Feet: November is Adoption Awareness Month. Norma Nashed says, "It's a good time to focus on the needs of orphans worldwide."

Ten Thanksgivings

Editorial: Bill Knott reminds us of the source of the spirit of thanksgiving.

The Perfect Video Projector

Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney shares his latest adventure of living a life for God in Russia.

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This Week's Special Features

Toward a Healthy Thanksgiving

Editorial: Mark A. Finley reminds us that remembering to be thankful goes beyond the fourth Thursday in November.

More Than Enough to Share

Back to Basics: Thankful Christians must share God's bountiful blessings with those in need, says Hyveth Williams.

Boonstra: Would Jesus Be in Zuccotti Park?

Web Exclusive: Shawn Boonstra shares a commentary on Jesus and protest movements.

Their Church, or My Church?

Cover: How are children of immigrants relating to congregations designed for their parents? asks Wilona Karimabadi.


Adventist Life: Leroy Bruch offers his perspective on coping with job loss.

Inclusive Worship and Learning

Cover: Is your church guilty of ignoring special needs children? Addison Hudgins challenges us to change that. 



Based at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, Descubra (translated "Discover"), a weekly telecast, reaches millions of Spanish-speaking people with messages of peace, love, and hope. The program is carried in 216 U.S. markets (52 million available homes) throughout North and Central America on Esperanza TV, on Nuevo Tiempo in Central and South America, on 3ABN Latino throughout all Spanish-speaking countries in the western hemisphere, and on satellite systems worldwide. Pastor Frank Gonzalez is the speaker.

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