November 23, 2009
World Religion News

Baptist Offerings Down, 600 Positions at Risk

Leaders cite a $7.5 million shortfall.

Religious Leaders: Close Gitmo

The faith coalition says the prison is a "symbol of torture."

14.6 Million U.S. Households at Risk of 'Food Insecurity'

A report was issued by the U.S. D.A.

Vatican Searches Google For Internet Lessons

The Vatican seeks ways to harness new technologies.


Breaking Church News

Adventist Student Missionary Murdered in Micronesia

Kirsten Wolcott, 20, was jogging when attacked, officials said.

El Salvador: 30 Adventists Die in Mudslides

More than 300 families displaced by storms

Griggs U. in Danger of Closing?

GC Committee appoints a commission to study the church's distance-learning facility.

This Week's Special Features

Marriage, Homosexuality and the Church

A landmark conference probes several sensitive issues.

An Interactive Thanksgiving

Here's a resource that will make your holiday more joyous.

The Biggest Unsolved Mystery

Why is the media taken with end-time events?

Is There a Better Way?

Has the time come to rethink how the church is structured?

This Is Their First Warming

Here's something for babes in Christ.

Charting a Different Future

Can Adventists schools survive the changes swirling around them?

The Case for (Early) Marriage

Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, shares his perspective on another sensitive topic.


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