November 21, 2014
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Breaking Church News

69 Girls Left Without Rooms After Fire at Adventist Boarding School

No one is injured at Pine Forge Academy, but classes end early for Thanksgiving vacation.

Car Plows Into Crowd Waiting for Food at Adventist Church

Two people seriously injured oin the California accident.

Lessons from the Night the Stars Fell 181 Years Ago

News commentary: A look back at the last sign promised by Jesus as a token of His return.

Adventists Applaud Court Ruling on 'Parsonage Allowance'

A federal court derails an atheist group’s attempt to cancel the tax benefit for pastors.

Adventist Church Opens New Headquarters in Spain

Church leaders emphasize that the focus should be on Jesus, not the building.

This Week's Special Features

Angry Reader Versus Me

Editorial: Andy McChesney on what to do when people get mad at you.

Women’s Ordination Goes to San Antonio

November 20 Cover Feature: The Annual Council sends question to the GC session after six hours of talks in a “gracious” atmosphere. Andy McChesney shares his report.

Just a Simple Question

Searching the Obvious: Dixil Rodríguez on lessons learned from a quiet time of the day.

Health and Immortality

Editorial: "Healthful living does not make any of us immortal," says Lael Caesar.

When Service is Your Life

Adventist Life: Wilona Karimabadi introduces readers to a GC employee whose service to the church extends far beyond the office.

Seeing is Believing

November 13 Cover Feature: Lisa Poirier, Jeff Jordan, and Melissa Jordan, tell the story of a special church and ministry.

Mars Hill Breakup: A Warning For Megastar Pastors

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Pulliam Bailey explores an emerging issue in evanglical circles. 

Positive Life Radio

Based at Walla Walla University in College Place, Washington, Positive Life Radio (KGTS FM) broadcasts 24 hours a day with nearly every hour containing Contemporary Christian music.

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