November 17, 2014
Breaking Church News

After Viral Video, Adventist Musician Looks for Good in Tragedy

Chris Picco, whose wife and newborn son died last week, tells a memorial service that his faith remains strong.

Adventists Applaud Court Ruling on 'Parsonage Allowance'

A federal court derails an atheist group’s attempt to cancel the tax benefit for pastors.

ADRA Fights Ebola With Education and Food Deliveries

The relief agency is doing more than providing medical equipment to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Readers Share Stories About Sabbath Troubles

Ten stories of how God honors people who honor Him.

Readers Share Stories About Sabbath Troubles, Part 2

Fourteen more stories of how God honors people who honor Him.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Argentina: Baptist Pastor Narrowly Escapes Assassination

Pastor Marcelo Nieva had opened a shelter for battered women.

Episcopal Seminary Reinstates Terminated Faculty

The faculty members voiced concerns over the seminary dean.

Online, Offline Faith go Hand in Hand

New survey claims that digital faith discussions do not supplant offline activities.

Italy: Mormon Missionaries Pound Pavements With Chalk

The missionaries are trying new methods of getting their message out.

This Week's Special Features

Health and Immortality

Editorial: "Healthful living does not make any of us immortal," says Lael Caesar.

When Service is Your Life

Adventist Life: Wilona Karimabadi introduces readers to a GC employee whose service to the church extends far beyond the office.

Seeing is Believing

Cover Feature: Lisa Poirier, Jeff Jordan, and Melissa Jordan, tell the story of a very special church and ministry.

Mars Hill Breakup: A Warning For Megastar Pastors

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Pulliam Bailey explores an emerging issue in evanglical circles. 

Pressing Forward

Back to Basics: "Until that harvest, keep sowing. The blessing is in the pressing," says Hyveth Williams.

Rare Photo Provides a Walk With Ellen White Down Memory Lane

Essay: Here’s what you might not have noticed about the recently discovered photo of the Adventist Church co-founder.

Pope Does It Again … Or Does He?

Commentary: Four reasons to double-check what you read about the pope’s comments on evolution.

Positive Life Radio

Based at Walla Walla University in College Place, Washington, Positive Life Radio (KGTS FM) broadcasts 24 hours a day with nearly every hour containing Contemporary Christian music.

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