November 16, 2009
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No Change in Vatican Rules on Married Priests

Anglican clergy will be eligible to be Catholic priests but not bishops.

Religious Progressives Decry Health Care Abortion Amendment

The amendment eliminates government funding of abortion.

Muslim Groups Condemn Fort Hood Violence

Suspect often attended Muslim services.

British Anglican Group to Convert to Catholicism

The group claims 400,000 members worldwide.

This Week's Special Features

Charting a Different Future

Can Adventist schools survive the changes swirling around them?

The High and Middle Ground

The High and Middle Ground of this church is already occupied.

The Case For (Early) Marriage

Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, shares his perspective on another sensitive topic.

Making Church User-friendly

Does your church make visitors feel at home, creatively engage young families, and reconnect with inactive members? 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our physicians offer salient advice on this provocative subject.

Just 144,000? 

Is this number literal or symbolic? Untangling the secret behind the mysterious number.

Celebrate Creation

The Adventist Review provides a collection of articles from our archives that support the biblical doctrine of creation.

Drive-thru Christianity

When a person is dying, can we bring them back to life?


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