November 15, 2013
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Breaking Church News

In Philippines, an Outpouring of Support After Devastating Typhoon

GC president Wilson urges united prayer.

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November 11, 2013 Adventist Review

Reach the World Next Door

Cover Story: Scott Griswold, a mission specialist, suggests how to share the gospel with the non-Christians who live in our neighborhoods.

Creation Focus

Heart and Soul: Theology: Once we understand our origins, everything else fall into place, says George T. Javor.

My Lungs Expand With His Praise

Adventist Life: Ilyn Clarke, an organ transplant recipient, reflects on receiving a second chance at life.

Jaime Jorge: Center Stage

Story: How can such a young man be celebrating 25 years of music ministry? Ask Karen Pearson.

Xenophobia and God

Editorial: Lael Caesar believes that, as Adam's children, we are xenophobic about the Bible's God.

The Fight of Our Lives

Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips declares that the great controversy is alive as ever.


Searching the Obvious: Dixil Rodríguez draws life lessons from an elementary school play.

Web Letters

Adventist Review readers respond to recent articles and news stories.

This Week's Special Features

An Urgent Prophetic Calling

A video message from the General Conference president. 

The Jews of Adventism

Web Exclusive: Growing in number, ancient and modern sabbatarian faiths connect, says Mark Kellner.

Next Time, Stand!

Transformation Tips: Delbert W. Baker reminds us that we can trust God always--and stand with Him--even in the worst situations.

Christ, Character, and Creation

Theology: "Christ cannot be the God of either progressive creation or theistic evolution," says John T. Baldwin.

Busan Diary

News editor Mark Kellner reports from the World Council of Churches 10th Assembly in Busan, Republic of Korea.

Growing Up With Guide

Cover Feature: Times change, but Guide magazine remains constant. Kim Peckham takes a look at its wonderful history.

How a Runaway Horse Led Me Home

Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney reminds us that God's power is very real.


More Features

Reaching Your Heart Radio

The weekly evangelistic broadcast airs in the Washington D.C. area. Based at the Reaching Hearts Church, an Adventist congregation in the Allegheny East Conference, the program is also heard daily throughout North America on XM Satellite Radio at 10 p.m. ET on week nights and Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. The speaker is Michael Oxentenko, who pastors the congregation in Spencerville, Maryland.

Let's Pray

The Adventist Review staff meets each Wednesday morning at 8:15 for worship and prayer. We'd love to include your prayer requests, so send them to Let's share in each other's lives.

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