November 15, 2010
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Supreme Court Wrestles Over Religious Scholarship Program

Questions arise from Arizona's tuition tax credit.

Prop 19 Was Only Start of Marijuana Debate

The battle could last for years.

Israel to Allow Civil Marriages

The new law only helps a few couples.

Pope Named World's 5th Powerful Figure

China president Hu Jintao tops the list.


Breaking Church News

Adventist Accrediting Team to Visit La Sierra University

Biology issues to be on docket, at school's suggestion.

This Week's Special Features

Say Thank You!

What are we really saying when we say thanks?

The Cross and the Culture

We fight under the bloodstained banner of the cross.

Vanished Without a Trace

An open-ended tragedy is doubly tragic.

Your Bible Questions

Theologian Angel Rodríguez answers questions on difficult biblical passages. 

When a Nation Forgets God

When nations--or anyone--forget God, the results are rarely good.

The Devil Doesn't Play Games

How a young woman during World War II came face-to-face with evil and lived to warn others.

The Babylonian Temptation

Making a name for ourselves.

2010 Week of Prayer Readings

This year's theme is "People of  Hope." In support of the Week of Prayer, the Adventist Review is giving unrestricted access for this special issue until December 1. We've provided all the readings for the week, including the children's stories. We trust that this material will be a blessing for you.


Esta Escrito

The largest Adventist Spanish telecast in the world has been in production for 17 years. Based in Simi Valley, California, Está Escrito is the Spanish arm of the It Is Written broadcast ministry. The ministry reaches every continent. In addition to the weekly program, the ministry also produces an Internet-based daily devotional series called Una Mejor Manera de Vivir (A Better Way to Live).

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