November 12, 2012
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French Move Toward Full Funding of Abortion

Critics say the measure will speed up the decline of the French population.

Watchdog Group Asks IRS to Probe Catholic Bishops

The group wants the IRS to revoke USCCB's tax exempt status.

Anti-Semitic Incidents Decline in the U.S.

The incidents dropped by 13 percent in 2011.

On Sistine Chapel's 500th, Foot Traffic Remains a Threat

High traffic is damaging the frescos.


Breaking Church News

 Wilson Offers Prayers, Support in Hurricane Aftermath

“Superstorm” hit Northeastern U.S., Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic.

This Week's Special Features

How to Restore a Child

Feature: Natalie Kazzi on helping orphans with great needs.

The Circle of Caring

Editorial: Bill Knott shares his deep appreciation for pastors who truly know how to represent Jesus.

Then Sings My Soul

November 8 Cover Feature: Ellen White on how nature reveals the Creator.

Origins: Beliefs Have Implications, Part 2

Transformation Tips: According to Delbert Baker, "Creation is interrelated with salvation truth." Do you agree?


Editorial: "Meekness is not weakness; it is God," asserts Lael Caesar.

Together Perfect

Heart and Soul Theology: Deleise Cole-Wilson reminds us how valued we are in God's eyes.

Diversity in Five-Part Harmony

October 25 Cover Feature: Five authors write for the Adventist Review on "Crossing the Divides: Transcending Our Differences Through Jesus," the theme of a recent diversity summit for Adventist leaders from North America.


More Features

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