May 9, 2012
Breaking Church News

Adventist Media Center Board Asks Ministries for Business Proposals

Option to relocate from Simi Valley can be included.

Mission to Cities, Revived by His Word Highlight Spring Meeting

Church leaders select 24 cities for evangelism.

Former GC Sabbath School Director Fernon Retzer Dies

Was a longtime missionary in South America.

World Religion News

Headlines From World Religion News

White House Releases Guidelines for Faith-based Partnerships

New report leaves critical questions unanswered.

United Methodists Vote to End Guaranteed Clergy Appointments

Bishops will have flexibility to remove ineffective pastors.

Narnia or Neverland? Christians Choose Their Favorite Fantasyland

Results garnered from unique poll.

Sikhs Launch App to Report Profiling

New mobile phone app launched by New York-based Sikh Coalition.

May 10, 2012, Adventist Review

Women and Their Words

Cover Feature: Gina Wahlen introduces us to the women who changed a few things in this magazine's history. 

The Jesus-centered Life

Heart and Soul Theology: S. Joseph Kidder on searching for the dream church.

The Arched Eyebrow

Editorial: "Scorn is the weapon we pick up when persuasion fails to persuade," says Bill Knott.

Timing is Everything

Searching the Obvious: Dixil Rodríguez reminds us that God's timing is always perfect.

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This Week's Special Features

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Cover Feature: Martin Klingbeil tells how images from the past can help us understand God's character.

Punta Cana Updates

Reports from the World Religious Freedom Congress in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Devotional: How many friends do you really have? Marcos Paseggi says you may be surprised by the number. 

Titanic Lessons

Transformation Tips: Have we learned Titanic's lessons after 100 years? Ask Delbert Baker.

The Domino Effect

Editorial: You never know the real impact of a simple act, says Gerald Klingbeil.

Why Do Angels Come in Threes?

Cover Feature: Nathan Brown revisits a well-known Bible passage.

Lost Sheep?

Cover Feature: Addison Hudgins, a young adult herself, takes a look at why so many of her peers are leaving the church.

Video Messages From Bill Knott

Web Exclusive: Adventist Review editor Bill Knott delivered these sermons at the 140th Annual Festival of Faith camp meeting in the Southern New England Conference.


Escrito Está

Based in Simi Valley, California, Escrito Está is the largest Adventist Spanish telecast in the world. In production for nearly 20 years, Escrito Está is the Spanish arm of the It Is Written broadcast ministry. Under the direction of Robert E. Costa, the ministry now reaches every continent. In addition to the weekly program, the ministry also produces an Internet-based daily devotional series called Una Mejor Manera de Vivir (A Better Way to Live).

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