May 7, 2010
What's Happening in Adventist World?

Beginning to "enditnow"

Heather-Dawn Small, director of Women's Ministries for the General Conference, and Charles Sandefur, president of Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), speak about a new worldwide initiative to counteract violence against women.

Spiritual Perils

How books, movies, and television programs blur the line between fantasy and spirituality.

ASI: The Power of Association

The growing influence of a lay-led ministry

The Battle is On

The struggle between good and evil is a reality with which we all have to live.

The Ellen G. White Estate

Preserving the gift that was demonstrated in the life and ministry of Ellen White

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This Week's Special Features

Readers Respond to the Evolution Controversy at La Sierra U.

Our readers weigh in.

Adventist Publishing House Faces Management Shift

Four execs depart; interim president named as search committee forms.

Your Bible Questions Answered

Bible scholar Angel Rodriguez explains difficult Bible passages.

Ministerial Seminar Stresses the Bible's Centrality 

The satellite event connected thousands around the world.

Mission: Compassion

Showing God's love on the streets of Kolkata.

The LLU School of Medicine 100 Years Later

What a century of medicine means to the church.

The Whole Story on Whole Health

Lifestyle medicine and LLU go hand in hand.

Reaching Out

One man tells of his lifelong struggle with homosexuality.

Where are the Young Men?

Albert Mohler asks: Are males a vanishing breed on college campuses?


Tune in to the Voice of Prophecy

Based in Simi Valley, California, the Voice of Prophecy celebrated its 80th year of broadcasting in 2009. Founded by H.M.S. Richards, Sr., the broadcast now features Pastor Fred Kinsey and Connie Vandeman Jeffrey on the Weekend Voice broadcast, and Pastors Mike Tucker and Elizabeth Talbot on the daily broadcast. Programs are heard thorugh out the U.S., Canada, and on stations around the world.

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