May 4, 2015
Breaking Church News

Adventist Climber Escapes Death in Mount Everest

The Chilean national describes the terrifying moment when the glacier began to crackle during Nepal's earthquake.

Quake Shakes U.S. Church as Adventist Pastor Makes Nepal Appeal

Members at the Michigan church didn’t know at first what had happened. Watch the video.

U.S. Senator Says Adventists Lead in Protecting Religious Freedom

But Orrin Hatch, speaking at a church-organized dinner, also cautions that the freedom is under attack.

Adventists Pray for Healing After Baltimore Riots

Pastors from eight local churches hold a special prayer meeting.

Hungary: Adventist Church Reconciles With Breakaway Group After 40 Years

The two sides agree to mend fences after a split over Soviet-era differences.

Southern California's Hispanic Community Get's First Adventist Radio Station

Radio Adventista Los Angeles fulfills the six-year-old dream of a busy pastor.

Adventists in Nepal Timidly Return to Church After Quake

ADRA celebrates the rescue of a 4-month-old Nepalese “princess.”

1,500 Pastors Told They Don't Need Ordination to Fulfill Mission

The Inter-American Division encourages pastors while conceding it isn’t sure how many are ready for ordination.

This Week's Special Features

Why the Devil Bestows Victory Over Sin

Commentary: Herod by the demons of indulgence killed John the Baptist, while the Pharisees by demons of righteousness killed Jesus, says Martin Weber.

Escape From Saigon

Forty years ago at the end of the Vietnam War, came a moment in time when church and geopolitical history intersected.

San Antonio’s Free Clinic Changed Me as a Surgeon

Commentary: I wasn’t prepared for the effect that the three days would have on my view of my practice and my church.

What Christians Can Learn From a Marathon Cheat

Commentary: A woman who lost her gold medal at the St. Louis Marathon last week offers a lesson about shortcuts, says John Bradshaw.

Avoiding a Sabbath Plane Flight Saved My Life

Commentary: Crises are God’s opportunities to remind us of realities we should take seriously.

The Cost of Discipleship

WEB EXCLUSIVE Commentary: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the church's prophetic voice.

How Never to Be Offended

Commentary: It may sound strange, but I am never offended by anything when I'm in tune with God and His law.

KTSY 89.5 FM

Broadcasting throughout southern Idaho, KTSY FM, a Family Friendly Music Station, is owned and operated by the Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Based in Caldwell Idaho, KTSY FM is a listener supported station broadcasting 24 hours a day. It features an inspirational Christian music format.

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