May 31, 2010
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Budget Gaps Lead States to Gambling

Some states are also relaxing Sunday blue laws.

Churches Tread Carefully on Arizona Boycott

Immigration issue has united churches.

Georgia Repeals Kosher Labeling Law

New rules broaden certification standards.

Vatican, Courts Wrestle Over Who Controls Bishops

Legal questions are raised on papal authority and the bishop's autonomy.

This Week's Special Features

Living in a "Code Yellow" World

Are society's troubles making you anxious? 

This is Not "My" Church

Our facts and faith are rooted in the Bible. You can count on that

Breaking Down Barriers

The steep learning curve of the first Christians

The Nebuchadnezzar Syndrome

A reflection on pastoral humility

Things That Bug Me

Roy Adams comments on the common irritations of earthly living,
and the promise of a much happier future to come.

A Culture Hungry for God

How will we feed them?

Where are the Young Men?

Albert Mohler asks: Are males a vanishing breed on college campuses?


Worship with Your Friends at LLU Church

Based on the university campus in Loma Linda, California, this church houses the largest Seventh-day Adventist congregation in North America. Under the leadership of pastor Randy Roberts, the church has spawned several ministries, including an interactive Internet ministry that spreads the churches reach worldwide

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