May 26, 2015
Breaking Church News

Evangelistic Meetings Take Zimbabwe by Storm

Zimbabweans and visiting international presenters alike express astonishment at the impact of the Adventist events.

ADRA Opens 12 Wells During Zimbabwe Evangelistic Series

The boreholes add another component to an Adventist effort to meet the physical and spiritual needs of communities.

My Heart Is Moved by Seeing Christ's Method in Action

The Adventist Church’s top doctor, Peter N. Landless, visits a free clinic in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

The Children by the River

Meet a Vietnamese pastor who is assisting impoverished immigrant children in Cambodia.

AU Students Build a Tiny House

The class skips an international mission trip for a project that will help people closer to home.

Free Healthcare Wins Hearts in Volatile Mexican Community

An Adventist university provides treatment to members of a community that once appropriated its land.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Baptists to Admit Missionaries Who Speak in Tongues

The policy change enables the Southern Baptist Convention to compete with other churches.

World Vision Suspends its Work in Key South Sudan State

Operations ceased due to escalating violence.

Jewish Graduation Speaker Finds Shabbat Workaround

A creative use of technology helped Don Greenberg observe Shabbat.

Philanthropist John M. Templeton Jr. Dies

He chaired the Templeton Foundation, known for awarding the Templeton Prize.

This Week's Special Features

Ready for Planting

Searching the Obvious: "Angels are among us, watching us fumble and work on God's beautiful creations. Can you imagine that?" asks Dixil Rodríguez.

Crossing the Room

Connect: Chad Stuart remembers a time when the Holy Spirit's voice was less thunder and more whisper, but still powerful.

God Has Your Phone Number

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Jim Ayer shares a miraculous story from his forthcoming book Some Call Them Miracles.

San Antonio and Beyond

Commentary: Mark A. Finley shares his perspective on what heaven really values. 


Editorial: What does it mean to stand firm? Read Bill Knott's take on it.

What Would Jesus Tweet?

May Cover Feature: Seth Pierce looks at social media as both a tremendous opportunity, and a terrifc way to embarrass ourselves.

Why the Devil Bestows Victory Over Sin

Commentary: Herod, by the demons of indulgence, killed John the Baptist; while the Pharisees, by demons of righteousness, killed Jesus, says Martin Weber.

Praise 90.1

Broadcasting throughout the Tennessee Valley for 25 years, Praise 90.1 (WJOU FM) is owned and operated by Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. The noncommercial format includes brief educational and spiritually uplifting programs along with a unique music format called Inspirational Soul.

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