May 22, 2013
Breaking Church News

GC Takes Steps Toward a Comprehensive Health Ministry

Spring Meeting delegates hear new outreach approaches.

Adventist Internet Summit Highlights Technology Integration

In Dubai, 230 tech leaders meet to share strategies.

UPDATE: Adventist Health Worker Still Missing in Ukraine

Search intensifies for Dr. Jay Sloop, 77, of Yakima, Washington

Swiss Adventists Unite for Meeting

French-, German-speaking congregations join.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

British Church Attendance Stabilizes

Baptisms were up by five percent.

Harold Camping May Face a Different Doomsday

The radio evangelist may lose his ministry.

Church-based Scouting Alternatives Attract Interest

Churches field scouting queries in wake of BSA policy shift.

Dalai Lama Wows Maryland Crowd

"Imagine a demilitarized world," he says.

May 23, 2013, Adventist Review

Ziggurats, Mountains, and the Stone

Cover: Gerald Klingbeil offers a surprising twist to well-known text.

Above All Else

Heart and Soul Theology: Rachel Lemons reminds us that though God already knows the desires of our hearts, He still wants to hear from us.

Battle Creek's Long Shadow

Editorial: Mark A. Kellner's trip to Battle Creek underscored the importance of never forgetting our past.

Lucky 12

Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney and his personal trainer embark on a journey that has hopeful possibilities.

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This Week's Special Features

Brahm's Symphony No. 2

Cliff's Edge: Cliff Goldstein found beauty through an unlikely channel.

Christ, or Kona?

May 16 Cover Feature: Kimberly Luste Maran (with reporting by Bill Knott) tells the story of a young triathlete choosing between faith and sport.

Sometimes a Christian Cries

Devotional: "There's more than one reason," asserts Frank A. Campbell.

Going in Circles

Editorial: Stephen Chavez reminds us that our interactions with people from other circles are very important.


May 9 Cover Feature: How do young people in your life view the reality of being an Adventist Christian? Shane Anderson explains.

In the Kitchen With Helen

April 25 Cover Feature: Wilona Karimabadi's story about a family who cares about eating right.

Prague Dispatch

Web Exclusive: Assistant editor Stephen Chavez recently returned from the European Health Conference in the Czech Republic. Read his reports here.


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