May 21, 2014
Breaking Church News

Unprecedented NAD Meeting Examines Church Structure

It is the first time presidents, executive secretaries, and chief financial officers of each of the church’s administrative units, conferences, and unions, have met in a joint session.

Enditnow Summit Calls for Church, Supporters, to Break Silence About Abuse

Nearly 200 church GC employees and lay members attended the second Enditnow Summit on Abuse, which took place May 1-4.

WWU Student Receives Gates Millennium Scholarship

Englehart is First Gates Scholar at WWU

Adventist Youth in Inter-America challenged to “Win With Jesus”

The four-segment annual program challenged hundreds of thousands of young people to pursue a daily walk with Jesus.

May 22, 2014 Adventist Review

The Kaleo Project

Cover Feature: Sandra Blackmer tells the story of students doing more than just hitting the books.

The Problem with Labels

Story: "It's all too easy to make assumptions based on outward appearances," says Paul Gnadt.

Simple Questions, Simple Answers

Editorial: "For people of prophecy, we spend an awful lot of time looking in the rear-view mirror," asserts Steve Chavez.

The Cookie is in the Details

Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney reminds us that the details make all the difference.

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This Week's Special Features

Judeo Christians

The Life of Christians: Andy Nash sheds light on who we really are.

Delilah Was a Siren

Editorial: "What if, instead of seduction, siren Deliliah had worked on soul-winning?" asks Lael Caesar.

God Is...?

May 15 Cover Feature: Joseph Olstad searches for a balanced understanding of God's character.

The Parable of the Tomato Plant

Heart and Soul--Devotional: "How many times have you given up?" asks Afia Donkor.

Out of the Closet

Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips takes a look at an important issue facing our church today.

The Conversion of Harry Orchard

May 8 Cover Feature: James R. Nix shares the story of a career criminal's road to being a changed man.

The Steps Not Taken

Editorial: Bill Knott on what the Lord of the Sabbath has promised us if we don't hurry through the blessing.

Last Word: "Strength to Love"

Web Exclusive: Dr. Ella Simmons’ final thoughts about the historic Cape Town Summit



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