May 18, 2015
Breaking Church News

Evangelist Ron Halvorsen Sr. Dies

Halvorsen is a former New York gang member who led thousands of people to baptism.

Zimbabwe: 30,000 Baptisms Expected in One Sabbath

The Adventist Church kicks off two weeks of evangelistic meetings and free healthcare services.

Puerto Rico: After 54 Years, AAU Builds First Church

The $3.5 million church at Antillean Adventist University will open in 2016.

Israel: Adventists to Open Vegetarian Restaurant With Church Hall

Two private donors contribute $1.2 million toward the $2.2 million community outreach center.

How God Destroyed a Wall of Suspicion at Jerusalem's Temple Mount

A group of Russian Adventist filmmakers gets unprecedented access to a Muslim holy site.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Report: Christians Lose Ground, “Nones” Soar

Atheists and agnostics have nearly doubled their share of the religious landscape.

Texas Takes Defiant Stance on Gay Marriage Issue

State lawmakers are crafting bills to block same-sex marriage.

Liberia: United Methodists Keep Ban on Divorced Clergy Becoming Bishops

Some church members are protesting the ban.

England: Plans Announced for First Women-only Mosque

Some Muslim leaders view the project as a “wake up call to men.”

This Week's Special Features

Crossing the Room

Connect: Chad Stuart remembers a time when the Holy Spirit's voice was less thunder and more whisper, but still powerful.

God Has Your Phone Number

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Jim Ayer shares a miraculous story from his forthcoming book Some Call Them Miracles.

San Antonio and Beyond

Commentary: Mark A. Finley shares his perspective on what heaven really values. 


Editorial: What does it means to stand firm? Read Bill Knott's take on it.

What Would Jesus Tweet?

May Cover Feature: Seth Pierce looks at social media as both a tremendous opportunity, and a terrifc way to embarrass ourselves.

Why the Devil Bestows Victory Over Sin

Commentary: Herod, by the demons of indulgence, killed John the Baptist; while the Pharisees, by demons of righteousness, killed Jesus, says Martin Weber.

Escape From Saigon

Forty years ago, at the end of the Vietnam War, came a moment in time when church and geopolitical history intersected.

Positive Life Radio

Emphasizes the positive life that God gives anyone who accepts Him. Based at Walla Walla University in College Place, Washington, Positive Life Radio (KGTS FM) broadcasts 24 hours a day with nearly every hour containing Contemporary Christian music.

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