March 9, 2015
Breaking Church News

Church Fears Same-Sex Marriage Ruling May Stifle Religious Freedom

The church files a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court seeking protections for religious liberty.

Delmer Holbrook, Church Leader Who Put 'Fun' Into Christian Life, Dead at 92

Holbrook served as president of Home Study Institute for 20 years and helped lead the General Conference’s Family Ministries department.

ADRA Gets $2 Million to Turn Young Romanians Into Business Owners

The breakthrough European Union grant comes as ADRA pursues efforts to help people help themselves.

Philippines Approves New Adventist Medical School

The College of Medicine is slated to open in August as the denomination’s sixth medical school.

Northern Ireland Town's Only 2 Adventists Push a Bathtub

Commentary: The married couple is a living example of Jesus’ words, “By their fruits you will know them.”

New Game App Seeks to Keep Ellen White Relevant

The White Estate releases “Pitcairn” as a free download on iTunes and Google Play.

Why You Really Left the Church

Commentary: Throw out the popular explanations for why young people are leaving the church. The roots lie in the mind and the media.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Study: Anti-Semitism a Big Problem at US Colleges

More than 1,100 students were questioned.

Activists: Islamic State Group Holds 220 Christians in Syria

The captives were kidnapped from 11 villages.

Washington National Cathedral Finishes First Stage of Earthquake Repairs

Phase two will cost $22 million.

Who’s Watching Christian Media?

Very few un-churched people view Christian programs.

This Week's Special Features

Between the Lines

A monthly column offering highlights of staff members' activities at the Adventist Review and Adventist World.

Why Adventist Church Isn't Taking Sides on Same-Sex Marriage Case

How Adventists deal with a reality that does not conform to their understanding of Scripture.

The Longue Durée

Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil looks at why Adventists appreciate big picture thinking.

Responding to Tragedy

Transformation Tips: Tragedy confronts us at every turn. What do we do? Delbert Baker delves into the topic.

Interacting With an Atheist

Commentary: Martin Weber says examples like former Adventist pastor Ryan Bell remind us that Christianity demands an irrational leap of faith when we evaluate Jesus from the limited perspective of pure logic.

When Ellen White Rebuked the Adventist Church's Future First President

Feature: Is it wise to follow Ellen White's advice? Krystal Eskildsen shares a story that offers a modern-day lesson.

Famous Last Words That You Won't Soon Forget

Commentary: Calvin Kim says the final words of Elvis Presley and Ellen White speak volumes about their lives. 

In My Father's House

Heart and Soul Devotional: "Isn't it great to be where you belong?" asks Buz Menhardt.

Stories of Faith

Everyone has a story! What's yours? Discover how we can be salt and light in a world of need. This collection of videos is produced by the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, with offices in Westlake Village, California

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