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March 7, 2014
Breaking Church News

Former NAD Communication Director Dies

Pastor Owen Troy was 86.

Angola: Evangelistic Initiative Brings 23,000 Baptisms

Some 60,000 people attend outreach meetings.

Brazil: 35,000 Pathfinders Distribute 40,000 Books

Adventist youth distribute A Única Esperança (The Only Hope).

Manila: Nearly 20,000 Adventists Showcase Community Service

Service projects reached nearly 100,000 people.

Andrews University: All Nursing Graduates Pass their Board Exams

The class of 2013 achieves a 100 percent overall board pass rate.

At NAD Health Summit, a Call for Comprehensive Heath Ministry

Ministry roles outlined for health professional, pastors, and educators.

3ABN Launches Broadcasts on Russian Cable Company Tele-Networks

Ministry officials are working on agreements with nine more companies.

Helderberg College Celebrates 120th Anniversary

The tertiary school is located near Cape Town, South Africa.

Cyclists Raise $AU194,000 to Fight Poverty

The money will help ADRA and other charities.

Trinidad: Adventist University Adds a Ph.D in Educational Psychology

The University of Southern Caribbean and Andrews U. will collaborate on this program.

This Week's Special Features

Victory, or Defeat?

Heart and Soul--Biblical Studies: Raquel Carrera wants to know if we are indeed moving in the right direction.

"The Power of One"

Web Exclusive: GC Youth Director Gilbert Cangy says Adventist youth want to make a difference on March 15. 

God’s Love Letter

Editorial: E. Edward Zinke reminds us that God's love letter to us is the Bible.

Enlarge the Place of Your Tent

Cover Feature: Delbert Baker on providence and the lessons of inclusion.

He Called My Name

Editorial: Gerald A. Klingbeil on the gift that our Father calls us by name.

Preaching In Action

Cover Feature: Celeste Ryan Blyden on four young leaders using different ministry methods, but sharing the same goal.

Breaking Up With Church

Adventist Life: Anne Elliott takes a look at a possible solution.



Based at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, Descubra (translated "Discover"), a weekly telecast, reaches millions of Spanish-speaking people with messages of peace, love, and hope. The program is carried in 216 U.S. markets (52 million available homes) throughout North and Central America on Esperanza TV, on Nuevo Tiempo in Central and South America, on 3ABN Latino throughout all Spanish-speaking countries in the western hemisphere, and on satellite systems worldwide. Pastor Frank Gonzalez is the speaker.

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