March 25, 2015
Breaking Church News

2 Adventist Workers Detained in Bangladesh

The Adventist Church asks members worldwide to pray.

Adventist Church Offers Help After Alps Plane Crash Kills 150

Local churches and institutions are ready to support those who lost loved ones on the Germanwings flight.

Self-Trained Adventist Chef Now Bestselling Author

Jeremy Dixon’s “Revive Cafe Cookbooks” share the Adventist health message.

After Vanuatu Cyclone, Anna Lives at an Adventist School

The mother is one of hundreds of people being cared for by ADRA.

Student Found Dead at Southern Adventist University

The 21-year-old freshman was found unresponsive in her dorm room.

Records are Broken as Young Adventists 'Are the Sermon'

Young people share Jesus' love in 132 countries. Watch the video clips.

What Might Have Been — Can Be

Commentary: A new church-produced film has not been completed because you and I have a part in its final scenes, including at the General Conference session. Watch the video.

March 26, 2015 Adventist Review

Splitting the Urgent Darkness

Cover Feature: Bill Knott reminds us of how much we need a resurrection.

Giving Our Sexuality to God

Heart and Soul Theology: John Nixon on going where we truly belong.

Snow and Stumbling Blocks

Editorial: Kimberly Maran reminds us to simply, helpfully—be a witness.

"The Church Appears About to Fall..."

The Life of Faith: "There are, however, signs of hope," says Andy Nash.

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This Week's Special Features

​Conspiracy Theories

Adventist Life: Is the church immune? Alejandro Medina Villareal poses an important question.

Kicking Against the Goads

Editorial: "Choosing Jesus’ way saves us the hurt of kicking against the goads," says Lael Caesar.

This Summer In San Antonio

March 19 Cover Feature: Wilona Karimabadi says ​GC session isn’t just for church workers. 

Tearin’ Down the House

Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips on how to keep the house from falling down.

Thank God for the Difference

Heart and Soul Theology: John Nixon on why God made male and female.

Myopia No More

Editorial: "End-time prophecy is no comfort to the men and women whose most vital and intimate relationships are coming to an end, unsupported and unhelped," says Bill Knott.

​“So Send I You”

March 12 Cover Feature: "With God, the 'ordinary' becomes extraordinary," says Sandra Blackmer.

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