March 25, 2013
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New Pope Means New Business for Recession-weary Rome

New pontiff could bring in 55 million euros.

Obama Appoints Melissa Rogers to Direct the W.H. Faith-based Office

She replaces Joshua DuBois.

Mark Labberton Becomes President of Fuller Theological Seminary

Fullers enrolls 4,400 students from 70 countries and 100 denominations.

Poll: Americans See Gay Marriage Inevitable

More than 1,000 adults were polled.

This Week's Special Features

In the Wilderness: The Epidemic

Biblical Studies: After losing their focus, the children of Israel find it again, writes Gerald A. Klingbeil.

Beyond Belief

March 21 Cover Feature: It may not be just the people, but something much, much deeper, according to Andy Nash.

Reclaiming the Library

Editorial: Bill Knott calls Adventists to understand the ideas around us, but to test them by the clear and timeless Word of God.

A Faith of Don'ts

Editorial: Adventism is about more than a list of things we don't do. Wilona Karimabadi asserts that we need to change that perception through the things we actually do.

Truth in a Technological World

Web Exclusive: The media are a gift from God. But, like any other of God’s blessings, they can be abused, writes Gary Swanson.

It Starts Here

March 14 Cover Story: Wilona Karimabadi explains why beginner Sabbath school is so important.

Do I Need a Gun?

Story: The question of self-defense is a complicated one, says Claude Richli.

The Healing Power of "Something Better"

Web Exclusive: Retired GC vice president Calvin Rock delivered this sermon at the Loma Linda University Church on February 16. You can read the transcript or watch the video.


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