March 25, 2011
Breaking Church News

Parchment Helps GC President With Details 

Assistant to the President: "I'm like a filter"; e-mail from a prophet.

ADRA Board to Weigh Staff Change Effects

ADRA leaders recently reduced staff by 20 percent.

Newbold College Restructures 

Plans layoffs, drops media studies course. 

Church Leaders Ponder Session Format 

Could a downsized GC session be in the church's future?

New Adventist Hospital Opening Draws 10,000

LLUMC-Murrieta boasts 106 beds.


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This Week's Special Features

What's Happening to These Kids?

Why the childhood obesity epidemic must matter to Adventists.

When Loss is Gain

Confronting the realities of life with the promise of Scripture.

Adventists Grow as Other Churches Decline

The Adventist church is the fastest growing denomination in North America.

What Drives You?

It is motiviation that counts--not zeros.

Symbols of Christ's First and Second Advent

Let's go into the world and impart God's gift like autumn leaves.

As Others Don't See Us

We aren't as well known as we think we are.

Stirred, but Not Shaken

Shawn Boonstra reflects on the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

La Sierra University Won't Neglect Creation Teaching,
President, Chairman Vows

Open letter signals shift in two-year controversy.


Sligo Church

Based on the outskirts of Washington D.C., in Takoma Park, Maryland, the Sligo congregation has a vibrant community program and a variety of ministries for all age groups. Under the leadership of Pastor Charles Tapp, the church offers a lively traditional worship service.

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