March 24, 2010
Breaking Church News

Adventists Active at 2010 Olympics and Paralympics

Vancouver events draw focus of church members.

Two Adventists Reported Killed in Nigeria Riots

Six member familie's homes burned; police guard church building

Belize Adventist Schools Closed to Protest Violence

Students demonstrate in concern over police violence.

Paulsen to Youth: Get Involved in Your Church

Let's Talk reaches Inter-America youth.

Deaf Ministry Pioneer Arthur Griffith Dies

Was first ordained deaf Adventist minister.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Salvation Army Logs Record Donations Despite Bad Economy

Kettle drive brought in $139 million.

Catholic Bishops, Hospitals Split on Health Care

Clerics sour on abortion protections.

U.S. State Dept. Highlights Religious Freedom Violations

The report covered 194 countries.

Survey: Less Than Half Link Easter to the Resurrection

The survey included 1,005 respondents.

500 Christians Slaughtered in Nigeria

About 75 houses burned

March 25, 2010 Adventist Review

The Adventists: Coming to a Screen Near You

Martin Doblmeier was so impressed with the Adventist health message that he decided to make a movie about it. And he's not even an Adventist.

People are Watching

Are they seeing what we want them to see?

Childhood Obesity and Behavior Change

How do we combat childhood obesity?

People Will Notice

Who notices what we do or what we say? You'd be surprised.

Language Lessons

By abiding in Jesus, we will know His voice and understand what He says.

This Week's Special Features

The Shaming of Religion

A new web-only exclusive.

What Are We Really Doing to God's Creatures?

Features editor Sandra Blackmer interviews medical doctor and theologian Sigve Tonstad
about how Christianity relates to our natural environment. [Photo: Farm Sanctuary]

Don't Ask Don't Tell

The U.S. government is currently rethinking the issue of gays and lesbians
serving openly in the military. How should Adventists reflect on these issues?

The Fear Factor

This is not some reality show; it's real life.

Where Are All the Christians?

Thom Rainier raises some disturbing questions.

Are Women Really Unhappy?

Olive Hemmings, a religion professor at Washington Adventist University,
responds to Albert Mohler's article on women.


Worship in Beautiful British Columbia

The Aldergrove Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. Under the leadership of Pastor David Jamison, the church has several innovative ministries, including a cutting edge Internet ministry.

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