March 20, 2015
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The Screening Room showcases videos produced by Seventh-day Adventist filmmakers. In time, The Screening Room library will feature a wide array of content, including documentaries, short stories, devotional thoughts, testimonies, and more. This week's feature, Waiting, is produced by Tedmedia, an initiative of the Trans-European Division.  To view the video click here.

Breaking Church News

New Panama Union Baptizes 2,530

Union officials announce the results of an evangelistic series at its inauguration ceremony.

ADRA Brings Soap and Water to Vanuatu Evacuees

The Adventist agency is working at half of the country's 20 evacuation centers.

Millions of Young Adventists to Share Food and Hugs on Sabbath 

Global Youth Day will be transmitted live online from 19 locations worldwide.

4 Adventist Churches Destroyed in Vanuatu Cyclone

No Adventists were injured in the tragedy, but many know someone who died.

Brazilian Business Owner Refuses to Pump Gas on Sabbath

The Adventist believer wins a first court case, but the government isn’t backing down.

Ebola Survivor Finds a New Life at ADRA

The Adventist agency hires survivors, who face widespread discrimination, to combat the virus in Liberia.

This Week's Special Features

This Summer In San Antonio

March 19 Cover Feature: ​GC session isn’t just for church workers, says Wilona Karimabadi. 

​Conspiracy Theories

Adventist Life: Is the church immune? Alejandro Medina Villareal poses an important question.

Tearin’ Down the House

Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips on how to keep the house from falling down.

Thank God for the Difference

Heart and Soul Theology: John Nixon on why God made male and female.

Myopia No More

Editorial: "End-time prophecy is no comfort to the men and women whose most vital and intimate relationships are coming to an end, unsupported and unhelped," says Bill Knott.

​“So Send I You”

March 12 Cover Feature: "With God, the 'ordinary' becomes extraordinary," says Sandra Blackmer.

What My Pet Parrot Peanut Taught Me About Media

Commentary: Nancy Wilson reminds us that we are all influenced by our surroundings, and how we spend our time determines who we become.

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Based on the campus of Washington Adventist University (WAU) in Takoma Park, Maryland, WGTS FM is a listener-supported station with a signal that covers the greater Baltimore --Washington D.C. area, including northern Virginia. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, WGTS features a contemporary Christian music format. The station is a self-supporting subsidiary of WAU.

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