March 19, 2010
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Breaking Church News

Paulsen to Youth: Get Involved in Your Church

Let's Talk reaches Inter-America youth.

Deaf Ministry Pioneer Arthur Griffith Dies

Was first ordained deaf Adventist minister.

Multilingual Bible Nears End of World Tour

The trek promoted Bible reading.

Maryland Adventist Receives White House Appointment

Orlan Johnson will chair the board of the Securities Investor Protection Corp.

Andrews University Board Names New Provost

Andrea Luxton succeeds Heather Knight, who became PUC president.

This Week's Special Features

What Are We Really Doing to God's Creatures?

Features editor Sandra Blackmer interviews medical doctor and theologian Sigve Tonstad
about how  Christianity relates to our natural environment. [Photo: Farm Sanctuary]

Don't Ask Don't Tell

The U.S. government is currently rethinking the issue of gays and lesbians
serving openly in the military. How should Adventists reflect on these issues?

The Shaming of Religion

A new web-only exclusive.

The Fear Factor

This is not some reality show; it's real life.

Where Are All the Christians?

Thom Rainier raises some disturbing questions.

Are Women Really Unhappy?

Olive Hemmings, a religion professor at Washington Adventist University,
responds to Albert Mohler's article on women.


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A new initiative of the Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Mid-America Voices showcases outstanding pastors and speakers within the conference territory. The Mid-America Union is one of nine union conferences in North America. Its territory includes nine states. The podcasts are available for download at the Mid-America Web site.

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