March 17, 2014
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Malaysians Lift Up Missing Flight in Prayers

Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared without a trace March 8.

U.S. Supreme Court Lets an Episcopal Church Keep a Virginia Property

Episcopal Church has fought for at least $40 million worth of church property in Virginia.

Israel's Parliament Passes Law Requiring Yeshiva Students' Army Service

Full-time Torah study and prayer are vital contributions to Israel's Jewish well-being.

Fewer Than 1,000 Muslims Left in Central African Republic Capital

Number of Muslims in Bangui dwindles to an estimated 900.


Breaking Church News

Summit on Sexuality Opens in South Africa

Church leaders, pastors, academics, and human services experts gather in Cape Town

GC President Visits Nigeria

As church celebrates 100 Years, Wilson urges more religious liberty.

Breaking Church News

Communication Professionals Meet at GAiN Europe

The conference took place at Newbold College, February 27 through March 2, 2014.

Adventist Church Attacked by Arsonists

Arsonists attacked church building in Ashburton, New Zealand.

Students Spread Awareness Through Art

SWAU art students held show in support of the Johnson County Family Crisis Center (JCFCC).

Joint Statement from Russian, Ukrainian Adventists Urges Peacekeeping, Prayer

Statement released by Seventh-Day Adventist Church leaders in Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries invites members and “all people of good will” to participate in reconciliation.

Frank Jobe, Renown Sport Doctor, Passes Away

He was a legend in sports medicine as the creator of the “Tommy John” surgery for baseball pitchers.

Shining a Light of Hope

ADRA Australia is renewing its appeal for support for those affected by the civil war in Syria.

Elders Called to be Faithful, Focused, and Friendly

In order for the church to reach greatest potential, elders must be willing to live out their God-given calling.

"Hell and Mr. Fudge" Shows in Boise, Idaho

Film premiered at the Egyptian Theatre, a historic site in Boise’s downtown.

Seventh-day Adventist Church Destroyed By Fire

Church was gutted and homes evacuated after a fire hit Westcliff, South-end-on-sea in Essex, England.

This Week's Special Features

A Twenty-First Century Faith

Heart and Soul Theology: "It all boils down to one word: relationships," says Jonathan Martin.

Springtime in the Soul

Editorial: Bill Knott reminds us to share the moments of our lives where Jesus brought springtime after a long winter.

Serving Like Jesus

March 13 Cover Feature: Darius Jankiewicz affirms that Christ is the head of the church. But then what?

Hey, Dude, Where's Your Car?

Dateline Moscow: It’s easy to forget to watch and pray at all times. Andrew McChesney knows.

Victory, or Defeat?

Heart and Soul--Biblical Studies: Raquel Carrera wants to know if we are indeed moving in the right direction.

God’s Love Letter

Editorial: E. Edward Zinke reminds us that God's love letter to us is the Bible.

Enlarge the Place of Your Tent

March 6 Cover Feature: Delbert Baker on providence and the lessons of inclusion.


Escrito Está

The largest Adventist Spanish telecast in the world has been in production for 17 years. Based in Simi Valley, California, Escrito Está is the Spanish arm of the It Is Written broadcast ministry. Under the direction of Robert E. Costa, the ministry now reaches every continent. In addition to the weekly program, the ministry also produces an Internet-based daily devotional series called Una Mejor Manera de Vivir (A Better Way to Live).

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