March 15, 2010
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500 Christians Slaughtered in Nigeria

About 75 houses burned.

Reform Rabbis Say Yes to Mixed Marriages

Half of American Jews marry outside their faith.

Supreme Court to Weigh Limits of Kansas Church's Hate Speech

The cases will test the boundaries of the Constitution.

Jail Sentence Sends Warning to Faith-healing Church

Couple get 16 months for neglect.

Louisiana Bill to Allow Guns in Church

The legislature convenes on March 29.

This Week's Special Features

The Fear Factor

This is not some reality show; it's real life.

Where Are All the Christians?

Thom Rainier raises some disturbing questions.

Are Women Really Unhappy?

Olive Hemmings, a religion professor at Washington Adventist University,
responds to Albert Mohler's article on women.

A Time for Joy

Find encouragement in today's trials and challenges.

Another Battle Over David and Goliath

Engaging critical scholarship over the trustworthiness of Scripture

In the Watch Fires of a Hundred Circling Camps

The watchword of this hour is still the Lamb's unflinching boast.


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