March 14, 2011
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Evangelicals Push Back on Proposed Budget Cuts

Faith groups decry reduced help for the poor.

Adventist Wins Fight Not to Join Union

The worker will be subject to collective bargaining agreements.

US House GOP to Defend DOMA

Defense of Marriage Act is supported by many religious groups.

German Catholic Church Offers Cash to Abuse Victims

Some cases date back decades.


Breaking Church News

La Sierra University Won't Neglect Creation Teaching, President, Chairman Vows

Open letter signals shift in two-year controversy.

This Week's Special Features

Efficient--or Sufficient--Faith?

A faith that can be reduced to something small does what?

David Asscherick, "The Kingdom of God in My Life Today"

Watch Asscherick's sermons from the General Conference Week of Spiritual Emphasis.

Walking in Integrity

Christians are expected to have integrity. But do we always?

No One is Their Own

A fresh look at how God called Abraham

Defining Discontent

It's time to start swimming against the current.

Why the Supreme Court Got it Right About Westboro Baptist Church

Shawn Boonstra's commentary on the court's recent decision and what it means for Adventists.

Where in the World is Satan the Devil?

Has Satan lost his standing in the world of Christian theology?

Adventism's First Black Family

The story of a family who played a significant but almost unknown role in Seventh-day Adventist history.


Reaching Your Heart Radio

Reaching Your Heart Radio is a weekly evangelistic broadcast airing in the Washington DC area. Based at the Reaching Hearts Church, an Adventist congregation in the Allegheny East Conference, the program is also heard daily throughout North America on XM Satellite Radio at 10 p.m. ET on week nights and Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.. The speaker is Michael Oxentenko, who pastors the congregation in Spencerville, Maryland.

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